New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Response Regarding the Prospective Meeting Between the Kabul Administration and Representatives of Islamic Emirate in Saudi Arabia"

Saudi Arabia is without a doubt the land of the two sacred mosques and a center of other holy sites of Islam which we also highly revere however the reports spread in the media which state that representatives of Islamic Emirate will meet with those of the Kabul administration in the near future in this country are all false. We must state that the Islamic Emirate, while engaging the international community to come to a mutual understanding has not yet reached the negotiation stage with the opposition (America and her allies) but rather it must first complete the confidence building measures which have not yet started.
So it is due to this that we must once again ask the media outlets to refrain from publish such baseless and unconfirmed reports which only serve to confuse the minds and they should follow the unbiased ethics of journalism in order to present facts to the masses.