Articles of the Week – 10/17-10/23

Monday October 19:

French Jihadism on the Internet: A Quantitative Overview – Antoine Jardin, GNET:

Living with the Taleban (1): Local experiences in Andar district, Ghazni province – Sahil Afghan, Afghanistan Analysts Network:

Tuesday October 20:

Severe Mental Disorder and Terrorism:When Psychosis, PTSD and Addictions Become a Vulnerability – Zainab Al-Attar, The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology:

Conspiracy Beliefs and Violent Extremist Intentions: The Contingent Effects of Self-efficacy, Self-control and Law-related Morality – Bettina Rottweiler and Paul Gill, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Afghanistan’s Terrorism Challenge: The Political Trajectories of al-Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban, and the Islamic State – Asfandyar Mir, Middle East Institute:

The Wane of Command: Evidence on Drone Strikes and Control within Terrorist Organizations – Anouk S. Rigterink, American Political Science Review:

Wednesday October 21:

Revisiting the Ecosystem of Islamic State’s ‘Virtual Caliphate’ – Michael Krona, GNET:

Thursday October 22:

A Comparative Study of Initial Involvement in Gangs and Political Extremism Michael H. Becker, Scott H. Decker, Gary LaFree, David C. Pyrooz, Kyle Ernest, and Patrick A. James, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Explaining the Rise of Jihadism in Africa: The Crucial Case of the Islamic State of the Greater Sahara – Luca Raineri, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Jihadi Insurgency in Mozambique Grows in Sophistication and Reach – Tim Lister, CTC Sentinel: