Articles of the Week – 9/26-10/9

Sunday September 27:

Community Violence and Support for Violent Extremism: Evidence From the Sahel – Steven E. Finkel, John F. McCauley, Michael Neureiter, and Chris A. Belasco, Political Psychology:

Tuesday September 29:

Dollars for Daesh Analyzing the Finances of American ISIS Supporters – Lorenzo Vidino, Jon Lewis, and Andrew Mines, Program on Extremism:

Thursday October 1:

Counterterrorism Policy in an Uncertain World – Livio Di Lonardo and Tiberiu Dragu, The Journal of Politics:

Peace in the name of Allah: Egypt’s quest to attain Islamic legitimacy for its treaty with Israel – Ofir Winter, Middle Eastern Studies:

Sunday October 4:

How Iraq’s Top ISIS Scholar Became a Target for Shiite Militias – Hassan Hassan, Newlines Magazine:

Monday October 5:

The Islamic Movement in Britain – Damon L. Perry, ICSR:

Tuesday October 6:

Sahelistan? Military Intervention and Patronage Politics in Afghanistan and Mali – Romain Malejacq and Adam Sandor, Civil Wars:

Thursday October 8:

The Secret to the Northern Mozambique Insurgency’s Success – Emilia Columbo, War on the Rocks:

Friday October 9:

Lessons for 2020 from the Islamic State Online Fanclub – Elizabeth Pearson and Chantelle Davies, GNET: