Articles of the Week – 8/29-9/4

Sunday August 30:

Sectarianism in the service of Salafism: Shiites as a political tool for Jordanian Salafis – Joas Wagemakers, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:

Monday August 31:

Failure to Launch: The Islamic State’s Misadventures in Malaysia – Munira Mustaffa, The ISIS Reader:

ISIS Resurgence in Al Hawl Camp and Human Smuggling Enterprises in Syria: Crime and Terror Convergence? – Christian Vianna de Azevedo, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Why has al-Qaeda gone quiet in Syria? – Mina al-Lami, BBC Monitoring:

How the Coronavirus Is Affecting American Jihadist Travelers – Andrew Mines, Lawfare:

Inside the Foreign Fighter Pipeline to Syria: A Case Study of a Portuguese Islamic State Network – Nuno Tiago Pinto, CTC Sentinel:

The Islamic State’s Strategic Trajectory in Africa: Key Takeaways from its Attack Claims – Tomasz Rolbiecki, Pieter Van Ostaeyen, and Charlie Winter, CTC Sentinel:

Wednesday September 2:

Decoding Hate: Using Experimental Text Analysis to Classify Terrorist Content – Abdullah Alrhmoun, Shiraz Maher, and Charlie Winter, GNET:

Who Is the New Leader of Islamic State-Khorasan Province? – Abdul Sayed, Lawfare:

Does Deradicalization Work? – John Horgan, Katharina Meredith, and Katerina Papatheodorou, Radicalization and Counter-Radicalization:

Pressure to prove: Muslim converts’ activism and radicalism mediated by religious struggle and punishing Allah reappraisal – Ari D. Fodeman, Daniel W. Snook, and John G. Horgan, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Thursday September 3:

Rebel Governance at the Time of Covid-19: Emergencies as Opportunities for Rebel Rulers – Marta Furlan, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Who Said We Were Terrorists? Issues with Terrorism Data and Inclusion Criteria – Wesley S. McCann, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Friday September 4:

Can Communal Violence Fuel an ISIS Threat in India? An Analysis of ‘Voice of Hind’ – Prithvi Iyer and Maya Mirchandani, Observer Research Foundation: