Articles of the Week – 8/22-8/28

Monday August 24:

Online Extremist Funding Campaigns: COVID-19 and Beyond – Chelsea Daymon, GNET:

In Light of the Kafolo Attack: The Jihadi Militant Threat in the Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast Borderlands – Héni Nsaibia, ACLED:

Tuesday August 25:

Talking Stagnation: Thematic Analysis of Terrorism Experts’ Perception of the Health of Terrorism Research – John F. Morrison, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Women who volunteer: a relative autonomy perspective in Al-Shabaab female recruitment in Kenya – Fathima Azmiya Badurdeen, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

Wednesday August 26:

A Theseus Paradox: Interrogating the Shift in Islamism in Indian-administered Kashmir – Iymon Majid, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

Cryptocurrency and the Dismantling of Terrorism Financing Campaigns – Andrew Mines and Devorah Margolin, Lawfare:

The Sahel crisis since 2012 – Clionadh Raleigh, Héni Nsaibia, and Caitriona Dowd, African Affairs:

Friday August 28:

The ontological threat of foreign fighters – Raphaël Leduc, European Journal of International Relations:

Violent Jihadist Ideology in South Asia: Socio-Political Implications – Asheque Haque, Swedish South Asian Studies Network: