Articles of the Week – 8/1-8/7

Saturday August 1:

Truth and lies in the Caliphate: The use of deception in Islamic State propaganda – Daniel Milton, Media, War & Conflict:

Monday August 3:

Terrorism and the Varieties of Civil Liberties – Michael A Rubin and Richard K Morgan, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Tuesday August 4:

A Qualitative Analysis of Drivers among Military-Affiliated and Civilian Lone Actor Terrorists Inspired by Jihadism – Alexa Katon, Christine Shahan Brugh, Sarah L. Desmarais, Joseph Simons-Rudolph, and Samantha A. Zottola, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

ISIS’s New Leadership: Past Lessons in a New Strategic Environment August 4, 2020 – Husham Al-Hashimi, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday August 5:

How radicalizing agents mobilize minors to jihadism: a qualitative study in Spain – Álvaro Vicente, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

The terrorist and the mercenary: Private warriors against Nigeria’s Boko Haram – Antonino Adamo, African Studies:

Re-thinking Religion and Empire: Non-State Organizations from the Knights Hospitallers to ISIS – Dominic Alessio and Lucas Villegas-Aristizábal, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies:

Exploring youth radicalisation through the framework of developmental crime prevention: a case study of Ahmad Numan Haider – Adrian Cherney, Current Issues in Criminal Justice:

Thursday August 6:

The Problem of Apocalyptic Terrorism – Justin J. Meggitt, Journal of Religion and Violence:

The Allure of Jihad: the de-territorialization of the war in the North Caucasus – Vassily A. Klimentov and Grazvydas Jasutis, Caucasus Survey:

Friday August 7:

Chronicling the Boko Haram Decade in Nigeria (2010-2020): distinguishing factions through videographic analysis – Jacob Zenn, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

The language of terror: exploring speech acts in official English-language ISIS videos, 2014-2017 – Yuanbo Qi, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Jihadi governance and traditional authority structures: al-Shabaab and Clan Elders in Southern Somalia, 2008-2012 – Michael Weddegjerde Skjelderup, Small Wars & Insurgencies: