Articles of the Week – 7/18-7/24

Saturday July 18:

Seeing is Believing: Notes on the Visibility of Women’s Contribution to the Islamic State Movement in 2019-2020 – Audrey Alexander, The ISIS Reader:

Sunday July 19:

The Islamic State’s Pattern of Sexual Violence: Ideology and Institutions, Policies and Practices – Mara Redlich Revkin and Elisabeth Jean Wood,  The Journal of Global Security Studies:

Monday July 20:

Rising in the East: A Regional Overview of the Islamic State’s Operations in Southeast Asia – Amira Jadoon, Nakissa Jahanbani, and Charmaine Willis, Combating Terrorism Center:

Tuesday July 21:

ISIS in Yemen: Caught in a Regional Power Game – Elisabeth Kendall, Center for Global Policy:

Wednesday July 22:

Prisons and Terrorism: Extremist Offender Management in 10 European Countries – Rajan Basra and Peter R. Neumann, ICSR:

Friday July 24:

Sectarian Triangles: Salafis, the Shi‘a, and the Politics of Religious Affiliations in Northern Nigeria – Alexander Thurston, Politics and Religion: