Articles of the Week – 7/11-7/17

Saturday July 11:

The Children of ISIS: Statelessness and Eligibility for Asylum under International Law – Ana Luquerna, Chicago Journal of International Law:

Monday July 13:

Understanding the Online and Offline Dynamics of Terrorist Pathways – Joe Whittaker and Chamin Herath, GNET:

The Propaganda Pipeline: The ISIS Fuouaris Upload Network on Facebook – Moustafa Ayad, ISD:

“They cowardly attack US, so we nobly eliminate them…”: The emergence of the translocal group in the propaganda of the Islamic State – Cristina Mayor-Goicoechea and Jesús Romero-Trillo, Pragmatics and Society:

Tuesday July 14:

The Challenge and Promise of a Multidisciplinary Team Response to the Problem of Violent Radicalization – B. Heidi Ellis, Alisa B. Miller, Ronald Schouten, Naima Y. Agalab, and Saida M. Abdi, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday July 15:

HTS and al-Qaeda in Syria: Reconciling the irreconcilable – Orwa Ajjoub, MEI:

Thursday July 16:

Al-Qaeda’s Iran Dilemma: Evidence from the Abbottabad Records – Bryce Loidolt, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Repeated and Extensive Exposure to Online Terrorist Content: Counter-Terrorism Internet Referral Unit Perceived Stresses and Strategies – Zoey Reeve, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Unity, Segregation, and Obedience: Islamic State’s Use of Quranic Verses and How It Relates to State-Building – Maria-Louise Clausen, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Coin as Imagined Sovereignty: A Rhetorical Analysis of Coins as a Transhistorical Artifact and an Ideograph in Islamic State’s Communication – Ayse Deniz Lokmanoglu, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Foreign Fighters, Rebel Command Structure, and Civilian Targeting in Civil War – Austin C. Doctor and John D. Willingham, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Reconstructing the theater of terror – Matthew M. Sweeney, Arie Perliger, and Ami Pedahzur, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Friday July 17:

Reconceptualizing Ideology and Extremism: Toward an Empirically-Based Typology – Sara Doering,Garth Davies, and Raymond Corrado, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism: