Articles of the Week – 5/30-6/5

Monday June 1:

Jihadists see COVID-19 as an Opportunity – Mina al-Lami, GNET:

The inter-Islamic competition and the shift in al-Nur party stance towards civil state in Egypt – Shaimaa Magued, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:

Muslim Student Radicalism and Self-Deradicalization in Indonesia – Mun’im Sirry, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations:

Bourgeois Jihad: Why Young, Middle-Class Afghans Join the Islamic State – Borhan Osman, USIP:

Tuesday June 2:

ISIS and al Qaeda: Partnership is Not in the Cards – Aymenn Al-Tammimi, Center for Global Policy:

ISIS in Africa: The End of the “Sahel Exception” – Wassim Nasr, Center for Global Policy:

Radicalization’s Core – Zin Derfoufi, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Kosovo’s Experience in Repatriating Former Foreign Fighters – Julie Coleman and Teuta Avdimetaj, ICCT:

Sidelining the Islamic State in Niger’s Tillabery – Hannah Armstrong, ICG:

Thursday June 4:

Part and Parcel? Examining Al Shabaab and Boko Haram’s Violence Targeting Civilians and Violence Targeting Women – Hilary Matfess, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Measuring the success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: findings on the strategic and tactical outcomes of the uses of terrorism Brenda Mugeci Githing’u, Fritz Nganje, and J. Tochukwu Omenma, Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research: