Articles of the Week – 5/23-5/29

Sunday May 24:

Islamic State is back and this time the west is ill-prepared to take it on – Hassan Hassan, The Guardian:

Monday May 25:

How to evaluate a program working with terrorists? Understanding Australia’s countering violent extremism early intervention program – Shandon Harris-Hogan, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism:

Gendered Reflections? Extremism in the UK’s Radical Right and al-Muhajiroun Networks – Elizabeth Pearson, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Rebel governance, rebel legitimacy, and external intervention: assessing three phases of Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Niels Terpstra, Small Wars & Insurgencies:

Tuesday May 26:

Remaining and Expanding: The Recovery of Islamic State Operations in Iraq in 2019-2020 – Michael Knights and Alex Almeida, CTC Sentinel:

ISIS in Africa: The Caliphate’s Next Frontier – Jacob Zenn, Center for Global Policy:

Thursday May 28:

The Evolution of East African Salafi-jihadism – James Barnett, Current Trends in Islamist Ideology:

Refugees of Conflict, Casualties of Conjecture: The Trojan Horse Theory of Terrorism and its Implications for Asylum – Cory Eybergen and Martin A. Andresen, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The ABC Model: Commentary from the Perspective of the Two Pyramids Model of Radicalization – Clark McCauley, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Friday May 29:

The Controller: How Basil Hassan Launched Islamic State Terror into the Skies – Mette Mayli Albæk, Puk Damsgård, Troels Kingo, and Jens Vithner, CTC Sentinel: