Articles of the Week – 4/25-5/1

Monday April 27:

Ideology along the Contours of Power: The Case of the Caucasus Emirate – Mark Youngman, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Exclusion and Inclusion: The Core of Chechen Mobilization to Jihad – Julie Wilhelmsen, Perspectives on Terrorism:

What Drove Young Dagestani Muslim to Join ISIS? A Study Based on Social Movement Theory and Collective Framing – Domitilla Sagramoso and Akhmet Yarlykapov, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Jihad at Home or Leaving for Syria and Iraq: Understanding the Motivations of Dagestani Salafists – Jean-François Ratelle, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Gender and Jihad: Women from the Caucasus in the Syrian Conflict – Aleksandre Kvakhadze, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Islamic Conflict and Violence in Local Communities: Lessons from the North Caucasus – Irina V. Starodubrovskaya, Perspectives on Terrorism:

It’s Way Too Soon to Tell Whether COVID-19 Will Benefit Jihadists (And Here’s a Few Reasons It Might Not) – Alex Thurston, Sahel Blog:

Tuesday April 28:

Covid-19 and the Mujahidin of Eastern Indonesia (MIT) – IPAC:

Operation Silves: Inside the 2017 Islamic State Sydney Plane Plot – Andrew Zammit, CTC Sentinel:

Overblown: Exploring the Gap Between the Fear of Terrorist Recidivism and the Evidence – Thomas Renard, CTC Sentinel:

Intersections of the Real and the Virtual Caliphates: The Islamic State’s Territory and Media Campaign – Wojciech Kaczkowski, Carol Winkler, Kareem El Damanhoury, and Yennhi Luu, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Wednesday April 29:

Violent extremism, mental health and substance abuse among adolescents: towards a trauma psychological perspective on violent radicalization and deradicalization – Daniel Koehler, The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology:

Thursday April 30:

Special Issue Introduction for Terrorism, Gender and Women: Toward an Integrated Research Agenda – Alexandra Phelan, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

From Pawn to Knights: The Changing Role of Women’s Agency in Terrorism? – Mia Bloom and Ayse Lokmanoglu, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The Failed Ideological Hybridization of the Islamic State – Djallil Lounnas, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Pierre Vogel’s and Bilal Philips’s Criticisms of Jihadism – Clemens Holzgruber, Journal of Muslims in Europe:

Challenges in Digital Ethnography: Research Ethics Relating to the Securitisation of Islam – Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann and Simone Pfeifer, Journal of Muslims in Europe:

Friday May 1:

Shooting for 1080p Full HD – Assessing Islamic State’s Cameras – Yorck Beese, GNET:

Is Idlib set for internal strife? – Charles Lister, Middle East Institute:

The Radical Milieu: A Methodological Approach to Conducting Research on Violent Extremism – Emily Winterbotham and Elizabeth Pearson, Resolve Network:

It’s a man’s world: carnal spectatorship and dissonant masculinities in Islamic State videos – Manni Crone, International Affairs: