Articles of the Week – 3/28-4/3

Sunday March 29:

ISIS in Libya and beyond, 2014–2016 – Andrea Beccaro, The Journal of North African Studies:

Monday March 30:

Busting Myths on Global Jihadism in Nigeria, Jacob Zenn, The African Jihad:

Drone imagery in Islamic State propaganda: flying like a state – Emil Archambault and Yannick Veilleux-Lepage, International Affairs:

States, Religions, and Power: Highlighting the Role of Sacred Capital in World Politics – Gregorio Bettiza, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs:

Tuesday April 1:

Syria’s Three Governments Confront the Coronavirus – Aaron Y. Zelin and Oula A. Alrifai, Washington Institute for Near East Policy:

Wednesday April 2:

COVID-19 and ISIS in Indonesia – Sidney Jones, IPAC:

Thursday April 3:

Fragmentation and Cooperation in the Jihadi International (Sub)System: ‘Islamic State’ vs. Al-Qaeda and Beyond – Marina Eleftheriadou, Religions: