Articles of the Week – 3/7-3/13

Sunday March 8:

Islamic State: Politics by Other Means? – Yara M. Damaj, International Journal of Communication:

Toward a Protostate Media System:The Role of ISIS’s Content – Kareem El Damanhoury, International Journal of Communication:

Islamic State War Documentaries – Nathaniel Greenberg, International Journal of Communication:

Idol-Breaking and the Dawn of a New Social Order – Christoph Günther, International Journal of Communication:

Theologians, Poets, and Lone Wolves: Mapping Medium-Specific Epistemologies of Radicalization – Brian T. Hughes, International Journal of Communication:

The Geopolitics of Television Drama and the “Global War on Terror”: Gharabeeb Soud Against Islamic State – Heather Jaber and Marwan M. Kraidy, International Journal of Communication:

Collaborative Media Practices and Interconnected Digital Strategies of Islamic State (IS) and Pro-IS Supporter Networks on Telegram – Michael Krona, International Journal of Communication:

Islamic State and Game of Thrones: The Global Among Tradition, Identity, and the Politics of Spectacle – Bashir Saade, International Journal of Communication:

Islamic State and Women: A Biopolitical Analysis – Mohammed Salih and Marwan Kraidy, International Journal of Communication:

Monday March 9:

Lying to Win: The Islamic State Media Department’s Role in Deception Efforts – Craig Whiteside, The RUSI Journal:

Pilgrimage to the Platform: The Repeat Audience for ‘Muslim News’ – Moustafa Ayad, GNET:

Tuesday March 10:

Making sense of sectarianism without sects: Quietist Salafi anti-Shia discourse in Jordan – Joas Wagemakers, Mediterranean Politics:

Bringing in the ‘Other Islamists’: Beyond Sunni-centric Islamism studies in a sectarianized Middle East – Morten Valbjørn and Jeroen Gunning, Mediterranean Politics:

Islamic State in Libya: From Force to Farce? – Inga Kristina Trauthig, ICSR:

Losing Mood(s): Examining Jihadi Supporters’ Responses to ISIS’ Territorial Decline – Léa Eveline Jeanne and Stéphanie Massé, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday March 11:

Reading the Mood: Atmospherics and Counterterrorism – Claire Yorke, The RUSI Journal:

Preventive Communication: Emerging Lessons from Participative Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism in Kenya – Matt Freear and Andrew Glazzard, The RUSI Journal:

Understanding, and Misunderstanding, State Sponsorship of Terrorism – Daniel Byman, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Resilience against violent radicalisation : why haven’t more Islamists taken up arms in Egypt since 2013? – Georges Fahmi, Middle East Directions:

‘Both needed and threatened’: Armed mothers in militant visuals – Meredith Loken, Security Dialogue:

Thursday March 12:

Using a Text Message Survey to Assess Countering Violent Extremism Radio Programs in Nigeria – James V. Marrone, Todd C. Helmus, Elizabeth Bodine-Baron, and Christopher Santucci, RAND:

Charity for “Jihad” in Syria: The Indonesian-Uyghur Connection – Nodirbek Soliev, RSIS:

Friday March 13:

The Coronavirus and Islamic State Supporters Online – Chelsea Daymon, GNET:

Challenges Posed By Returning Foreign Fighters – Adam Hoffman and Marta Furlan, Program on Extremism: