Articles of the Week – 2/29-3/6

Saturday February 29:

The End of AQAP as a Global Threat – Gregory D. Johnsen, Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies:

Sunday March 1:

Religious violence, gender and post-secular counterterrorism – Katherine E Brown, International Affairs:

Monday March 2:

Genocide, rape, and careless disregard: media ethics and the problematic reporting on Yazidi survivors of ISIS captivity – Sherizaan Minwalla, Johanna E. Foster, and Sarah McGrail, Feminist Media Studies:

Tuesday March 3:

Financing Da’esh with Sexual Slavery: A Case Study in Not Gendering Conflict Analysis and Intervention – Susan Hutchinson, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Wednesday March 4:

Ideological Transmission in Extremist Contexts: Towards a Framework of How Ideas Are Shared – Kim Knott and Benjamin J. Lee, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

Memeing and Speaking Vernacular Security on Social Media: YouTube and Twitter Resistance to an ISIS Islamist Terror Threat to Marseille, France – Joseph Downing, Journal of Global Security Studies:

Thursday March 5: 

Telegram’s Cryptocurrency Could Have a Terrorism Problem – Andrew Mines, Just Security:

The Legal Response of Western Democracies to Online Terrorism and Extremism and Its Impact on the Right to Privacy and Freedom of Expression -Nery Ramati, Vox-Pol:

Friday March 6:

Why Jihadists Loved America in the 1980s – Thomas Hegghammer, The Atlantic:

Explaining Support for Political Violence: Grievance and Perceived Opportunity – Karin Dyrstad and Solveig Hillesund, Journal of Conflict Resolution: