Articles of the Week – 2/22-2/28

Sunday February 23:

L’affaire du niqab à la Manouba : de la propagande salafiste sur facebook à l’institutionnalisation médiatique de la cause des libertés académiques en Tunisie – Marta Luceno Moreno, Les Cahiers du numérique:

Life psychology and significance quest: a complementary approach to violent extremism and counter-radicalisation – Arie W. Kruglanski and Preben Bertelsen, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism:

Monday February 24:

Detecting Future ‘Marawis’: Considering Alternative Indicators for Assessing the Potential for New Manifestations of Violent Extremism in Mindanao – Joseph Franco, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Learning in a Double Loop: The Strategic Transformation of Al-Qaeda – Michael Fürstenberg and Carolin Görzig, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Brain and Body “Fingerprints” of Existential Anxiety and their Relevance for the Identification of Potential Terrorists – Linda Wendelberg, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Online Deceptions: Renegotiating Gender Boundaries on ISIS Telegram – Meili Criezis, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Emmanuel Macron’s War on Islamism Is Europe’s Future – Lorenzo Vidino, Foreign Policy:

The Data Collection Challenge: Experiences Studying Lone-actor Terrorism – Paul Gill, The Resolve Network:

Tuesday February 25:

Sex and Terror: Is the Subordination of Women Associated with the Use of Terror? – Valerie M. Hudson and Kaylee B. Hodgson, Terrorism and Political Violence:

In Limited Demand: The Other Foreign Volunteers in the Syrian Civil War – Barak Mendelsohn, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday February 26:

How Terrorists Use the Internet for Weapons and Component Procurement – Jessica Davis, GNET:

Thursday February 27:

“Breaking the Walls” Goes Global: The Evolving Threat of Jihadi Prison Assaults and Riots – Bennett Clifford and Caleb Weiss, CTC Sentinel: