Articles of the Week – 1/4-1/10

Monday January 6:

Does bottom-line pressure make terrorism coverage more negative? Evidence from a twenty-newspaper panel study – Aaron M Hoffman and Dwaine HA Jengelley, Media, War & Conflict:

Tuesday January 7: 

From Inspire to Rumiyah: does instructional content in online jihadist magazines lead to attacks? – Michael Zekulin, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

‘Nondemocratic Islamists’ and support for ISIS in the Arab World – James Piazza, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Wednesday January 8:

The Growing Influence of Salafism in Muslim Mindano – Sidney Jones, IPAC:

The Effects of the International Monetary Fund on Domestic Terrorism – Lance Y. Hunter and Glen Biglaiser, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Thursday January 9:

The Strategy of Germany for Handling Foreign Fighters – Jan Raudszus, ISPI:

Friday January 10:

Debating terrorism in a political transition: Journalism and democracy in Tunisia – Jacob Høigilt and Kjetil Selvik, International Communication Gazette: