Articles of the Week – 4/20-4/26

Saturday April 20:

Terrorist learning in context – the case of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – Carolin Goerzig, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

Monday April 22:

International Jihadism’s Connections to Sri Lanka – Aaron Y. Zelin, Jihadology:

Do Internet searches for Islamist propaganda precede or follow Islamist terrorist attacks? – Carl E. Enomoto and Kiana Douglas, Economics & Sociology:

Towards a Definition of Terrorist Ideology – Gary A. Ackerman & Michael Burnham, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Is Extremism the ‘New’ Terrorism? the Convergence of ‘Extremism’ and ‘Terrorism’ in British Parliamentary Discourse – Recep Onursal and Daniel Kirkpatrick, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Tuesday April 23:

The Rise of the Islamic State and Changing Patterns of Cooperation in the Middle East – Juan Tellez and Jordan Roberts, International Interactions:

Survival And Expansion, The Islamic State’s West African Province – Fulan Nasrullah, The Global Initiative For Civil Stablisation:

Wednesday April 24:

Branding a Caliphate in Decline: The Islamic State’s Video Output (2015-2018) – Pieter Nanninga, ICCT:

Returnees in the Maghreb: Comparing policies on returning foreign terrorist fighters in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia – ed. Thomas Renard, Egmont:

Thursday April 25:

Addressing the Rise of Libya’s Madkhali-Salafis – International Crisis Group:

The Internal Structure of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed: Analysis – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, The Islamic State Archives:

The Sri Lanka Attacks and Islamic State Logic: A Look at al-Naba’ – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi:

ISIS’s Clash of Civilizations: Constructing the “West” in Terrorist Propaganda – Stephane J. Baele, Gregorio Bettiza, Katharine A. Boyd, and Travis G. Coan, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Friday April 26:

Doxing and Defacements: Examining the Islamic State’s Hacking Capabilities – Audrey Alexander and Bennett Clifford, CTC Sentinel:

Reigniting the Rivalry: The Islamic State in Somalia vs. al-Shabaab – Caleb Weiss, CTC Sentinel:

Islamic State Insurgent Tactics: Translation and Analysis – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi: