Eye On Jihadis in Libya Weekly Update: February 26

On 26 February, Tunisian security forces captured IS member, Hicham Krouma, who is suspected of being involved in a several of attacks and assassinations in Tunisia as well as abroad. Krouma is said to have spent time in Derna as well as in Raqqa, Syria.

On 26 February, security forces in Sirte arrested IS member Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh Al-Qaziri, at his home in Sirte. Al-Qaziri is believed to have been responsible for broadcasting the IS radio station “al-Tawhid” in 2015 and 2016.

Other Jihadi Actors

On 25 February, Misratan security forces arrested suspected al-Qaeda member, Ayman Abu Amoud, who is thought to have been involved in the kidnapping of the Jordanian ambassador to Libya, Fawaz al-Itan, in 2014. Abu Amoud had previously been imprisoned in Abu Salim under Qadhafi. In 2011 he joined the 17 February Brigade before moving to the Rafallah al-Sahati Brigade in Benghazi. In October 2015, Abu Amoud was arrested in Benghazi, but was later released as a part of a prisoner exchange. He is said to have also fought with the Ghwell government in Tripoli in 2017 and participated in the latest clashes with 7th Brigade in Tripoli.

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