Articles of the Week – 2/16-2/22

Monday February 18:

Cold war-era relations between west Germany and Turkish political Islam: from an anti-communist alliance to a domestic security issue – Behlul Ozkan, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies:

Crime and terror of social exclusion: The case of 13 imams in Bulgaria – Bogdan Panayotov, European Journal of Criminology:

Tuesday February 19:

“Faint lights twinkling against the dark”: Reportage from the fight against ISKP in Nangrahar – Andrew Quilty, Afghanistan Analyst Network:

Fear of terrorism: media exposure and subjective fear of attack – Harley Williamson, Suzanna Fay, and Toby Miles-Johnson, Global Crime:

Wednesday February 20:

The Role of Islamist Ideology in Shaping Muslims Believers’ Attitudes toward Terrorism: Evidence from Europe – Clara Egger and Raùl Magni-Berton, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Topics in terrorism research: reviewing trends and gaps, 2007-2016 – Bart Schuurman, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

Interpretations of al-wala’ wa-l-bara’ in Everyday Lives of Salafis in Germany – Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf, Mira Menzfeld, and Yasmina Hedider, Religions:

Friday February 22:

Not Gonna Be Able To Do It: al-Qaeda in Tunisia’s Inability to Take Advantage of the Islamic State’s Setbacks – Aaron Y. Zelin, Perspectives on Terrorism:

The Islamic State After the Caliphate Ideological Infighting in the Islamic State – Cole Bunzel, Perspectives on Terrorism:

The Islamic State’s Way of War in Iraq and Syria: From its Origins to the Post Caliphate Era – Ahmed H. Hashim, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Who are the ISIS People? – Vera Mironova, Perspectives on Terrorism:

From Directorate of Intelligence to Directorate of Everything: The Islamic State’s Emergent Amni-Media Nexus – Asaad Almohammad and Charlie Winter, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Making Sense of Jihadi Stratcom: The Case of the Islamic State – Charlie Winter, Perspectives on Terrorism:

The Failing Islamic State Within the Failed State of Yemen – Elisabeth Kendall, Perspectives on Terrorism:

The Islamic State’s Provinces on the Periphery: Juxtaposing the Pledges from Boko Haram in Nigeria and Abu Sayyaf and Maute Group in the Philippines – Jacob Zenn, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Understanding Muslims’ Support for Suicide Bombing in West Africa: A Replication Study – C. Christine Fair and Samta Savla, Perspectives on Terrorism:

Terrorist recruitment and prison radicalization: Assessing the UK experiment of ‘separation centres’ – Julia Rushchenko, European Journal of Criminology: