New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Concerning the Burning and Destruction of a Major Madrassa in Kapisa”


It is with great sadness to have learnt that a historical and famous Madrassa (religious seminary) in Badrab area of Tagab district, Kapisa province, named Miya Gul Jan Madrassa that was active for over a century now was burnt and destroyed by a joint overnight raid of American invaders and their domestic allies.

This savage attack targeted a religious seminary and center of knowledge that had provided religious services to thousands of scholars around the country over the course of a century.

Attacks by the American invaders and their hirelings against religious Madrassas and their destruction clearly displays that these people are not solely the enemies of our homeland and sovereignty rather they want to uproot our religion, destroy centers of learning for righteous scholars and open the way for the extension of their despicable occupation.

But the American invaders are still oblivious to the fact that the communist block of yesterday was defeated in this land precisely because they tried to eliminate the religious values and sanctities of this nation and impose upon them the heretical ideology of communism.

The Islamic Emirate considers this barbaric action by the American invaders of targeting a religious foundation as an attack against Islamic, academic and spiritual values, condemns it in the strongest of words and vows to avenge this aggression of the invaders while also reminding their domestic hirelings of the heavy price for this crime.

Moreover, it calls on the nation, independent international organizations and the media that just as the protection of schools and universities in support of knowledge and education is important, it is also our shared religious and national responsibility to collectively defend our mosques and Madrassas.

The Islamic Emirate also orders its Mujahideen to prepare heavy and large-scale attacks against the sensitive intelligence centers and planning nests of evil of the invaders and their lackeys in revenge for this crime.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

15/06/1440 Hijri Lunar


Source: Telegram