Articles of the Week – 1/12-1/18

Monday January 14:

Assessing Innovation in Terrorist Financing – Tom Keatinge and Kerstin Danner, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Visual Jihad: Constructing the “Good Muslim” in Online Jihadist Magazines – Stuart Macdonald and Nuria Lorenzo-Dus, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Conducting Qualitative Research on Terrorism: Finding and Using Primary Sources – Bart Schuurman, SAGE Research Methods Cases:

Dissent in the Islamic State: The Testimony of Abu Abd al-Malek al-Shami – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:

Wednesday January 16:

The Hardline Stream of Global Jihad: Revisiting the Ideological Origin of the Islamic State – Tore Hamming, CTC Sentinel:

Does al-Qa`ida’s Increasing Media Outreach Signal Revitalization? – Jami Forbes, CTC Sentinel:

Thursday January 17:

Insecurity in Southwestern Burkina Faso in the Context of an Expanding Insurgency – Heni Nsaibia, ACLED:

A micro-sociological analysis of homegrown violent extremist attacks in the UK in 2017- Martin McCleery and Aaron Edwards, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict: