New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: “Condolences Regarding the Death and Injury of 38 in the Badakhshan Mine Collapse”


It is with great sadness to have learnt that tens of our poor innocent countrymen were killed and wounded today when a gold mine collapsed on workers in Shpo village of Kohistan district’s Zarmanj area, Badakhshan.

According to reports 31 countrymen lost their lives in the tragic incident and 7 others sustained injuries.

The Islamic Emirate deeply saddened by this incident, sympathizes and extends its condolences to the families of the dead and injured and similarly prays to Allah (SwT) to grant the dead Jannat-ul-Fidaws and swift recovery to the injured.

The Islamic Emirate also orders its Mujahideen to use all tools at their disposal to aid in recovering the bodies and handing them to their families as well as showing their sympathies to the bereaved.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

01/05/1440 Hijri Lunar

17/10/1397 Hijri Solar 07/01/2018 Gregorian


Source: Telegram