Articles of the Week – 12/8-12/14

Sunday December 9:

One Land, Two Rules (2): Delivering public services in insurgency-affected Obeh district of Herat province – S Reza Kazemi, Afghanistan Analysts Network:

Monday December 10:

Is protest a safety valve against ISIS in Tunisia? – Christopher Barrie and Neil Ketchley, The Monkey Cage:

Is Boko Haram’s notorious leader about to return from the dead again? – Jacob Zenn, African Arguments:

Assessing Outcomes of Online Campaigns Countering Violent Extremism: A Case Study of the Redirect Method – Todd C. Helmus and Kurt Klein, RAND:

Re-Examining the Local Roots of Tunisia’s Foreign Fighter Mobilization: A Return to All Jihad is Local – David Sterman, New America Foundation:

Caliphate, hijrah and martyrdom as performative narrative in ISIS Dabiq magazine – Erkan Toguslu, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

A Storm on the Horizon? “Twister” and the Implications of the Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer Social Networks for Online Violent Extremism – Gareth Mott, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The internal brakes on violent escalation: a typology – Joel Busher, Donald Holbrook, and Graham Macklin, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Wednesday December 12:

Rightsizing the Transnational Jihadist Threat – Sam Heller, International Crisis Group:

Decentralised Terrorism: The Next Big Step for the so-called Islamic State (IS)? – Lorand Bodo, Vox-Pol:

Thursday December 13:

The death of a jihadist: A chance to curb Mali’s conflict – Andrew Lebovich, European Council on Foreign Relations:

Drug Trafficking, Violence and Politics in Northern Mali – International Crisis Group:

Dead Land: Islamic State’s Deliberate Destruction of Iraq’s Farmland – Amnesty International:

ISIS’s charm offensive toward al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – Tore Refslund Hamming, Middle East Institute:

Umar Shishani’s big break: Base 111, Sheikh Suleiman, Aleppo, 9 December 2012 – Joanna Paraszczuk, Chechens in Syria:

How Mauritania exports religion to Saudi Arabia—And not just the other way around – Michael Farquhar and Alex Thurston, Brookings Institution:

Friday December 14:

Fixing the Cracks in the Pakistani Taliban’s Foundation: TTP’s Leadership Returns to the Mehsud Tribe – Amira Jadoon, Sara Mahmood, CTC Sentinel:

United States v. Aws Mohammed Younis al-Jayab: A Case Study on Transnational Prosecutions of Jihadi Foreign Fighter Networks – Bennett Clifford and Seamus Hughes, CTC Sentinel:

The significance of the discursive strategies in al-Baghdadi’s and al-Zawahiri’s hortatory speeches: A multidisciplinary approach – Ali Badeen Mohammed Al-Rikaby and Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi, Journal of Language and Politics: