Articles of the Week – 10/20-10/26

Sunday October 21:
Applying Moral Foundations Theory to Identify Terrorist Group Motivations – Lindsay Hahn, Ron Tamborini, Eric Novotny, Clare Grall, and Brian Klebig, Political Psychology:
Monday October 22:
Jihadi Attacks in Tunisia Prior to 2011 – Aaron Y. Zelin, Tunisian Jihadism: 
Religion and state entanglement and interstate armed conflict initiation, 1990–2010 – Davis Brown, Religion, State and Society:
Promoting Extreme Violence: Visual and Narrative Analysis of Select Ultraviolent Terror Propaganda Videos Produced by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2015 and 2016 – Vivek Venkatesh, Jeffrey S. Podoshen, Jason Wallin, Jihan Rabah, and Daniel Glass, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Exploring the “Demand Side” of Online Radicalization: Evidence from the Canadian Context – Mehmet F. Bastug, Aziz Douai, and Davut Akca, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Tuesday October 23:
Causes of the Jihad of Usman Ɗan Fodio : a historiographical review – John Edward Philips, Journal for Islamic Studies:
Thursday October 25:
The Primary of Praxis: Clerical Authority in Syria’s Conflict – Shiraz Maher, Middle East Institute:
Government interference in religious institutions and terrorism – Peter S. Henne, Religion, State and Society:
Building Community Resilience? Community Perspectives of the Countering Violent Extremism Pilot Program in Minneapolis/St. Paul – Melissa J. Salyk-Virk, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Friday October 26:
Abu Qatada al-Filastini: “I am not a Jihadi, or a Salafi” – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica: