Articles of the Week – 10/13-10/19

Monday October 15:

Salafism in America: History, Evolution, Radicalization Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Program on Extremism:

The Fatemiyoun Division: Afghan fighters in the Syrian civil war – Tobias Schneider, Middle East Institute:

Islamist parties and foreign policy in North Africa: bridging ideology and pragmatism – Quinn Mecham, The Journal of North African Studies:

Moroccan Counter-terrorism Policy: Case of Moroccan Female Migrants to ISIS – Bahija Jamal, International Annals of Criminology:

Wednesday October 17:

The Grand Strategy of Militant Clients: Iran’s Way of War – Afshon Ostovar, Security Studies:

Which Australian terrorist plots have been directly connected to Islamic State, and how? – Andrew Zammit, Avert Research Network:

Thursday October 18:

Nidal Hasan: A Case Study in Lone Actor Terrorism’ – Katharine Poppe, Program on Extremism:

Social context, interpersonal network, and identity dynamics: A social psychological case study of terrorist recidivism – Moh Abdul Hakim and Dhestina Religia Mujahidah, Asian Journal of Social Psychology: