Katibat ‘Uqbah Bin Nafi/al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrib Attacks in Tunisia

Your Sons Are At Your Service: Tunisia's Missionaries of Jihad

In light of the recent Katibat ‘Uqbah Bin Nafi/al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrib claimed attack in Tunisia, I thought it would be useful to write up a post that shows all of the known KUBN/AQIM attacks that have occurred in Tunisia. These are based on claims of responsibility from KUBN and AQIM since sometimes they have both claimed attacks, even though they are both part of the same organization. It should be noted, however, prior to mid-2014, KUBN/AQIM did not claim any attacks officially. In part to mask their presence, even if the Tunisian government uncovered the reality in December 2012. Therefore, anything written below prior to mid-2014 is based off local and Western news reports. I would be remiss to also identify that there have been a number of landmine attacks that KUBN/AQIM have not claimed, but is in the group’s area of operation and likely was involved in…

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