Articles of the Week – 8/25-8/31

Saturday August 25:
It’s Time to Stop Talking About Terrorists as If They’re Diabolical Geniuses – Gregory D. Johnsen, The Atlantic:
Sunday August 26:
Mixing Votes with Violence: Election Violence around the World – Ursula Daxecker and Alexander Jung, SAIS Review of International Affairs:
Anashid in Hizbullah: Movement Identity through Impassioned Ideology – Carin Berg, The Middle East Journal:
When Islamists Lose: The Politicization of Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement – Rory McCarthy, The Middle East Journal:
Monday August 27:
Does Restrictive Immigration Policy Reduce Terrorism in Western Democracies? – Seung-Whan Choi, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Characteristics of Jihadist Terrorist Leaders: A Quantitative Approach – Lennart van Leeuwen and Daan Weggemans, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Tuesday August 28:
Pulling Back the Curtain: An Inside Look at the Islamic State’s Media Organization – Daniel Milton, Combating Terrorism Center:
Ethics, empathy, and fear in research on violent conflict – Anastasia Shesterinina, Journal of Peace Research:
Balkan Regional Development: Moderate or Radical Islam for the Balkans – Věra Stojarová & Richard Stojar, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies:
Wednesday August 29:
Violent extremism: A comparison of approaches to assessing and managing risk – Caroline Logan and Monica Lloyd, Legal and Criminological Psychology:
Thursday August 30:
Liberalism and Religion: Amplifiers of War between Democratic and Non-Democratic States? – Brittnee Carter and Mariya Y. Omelicheva, Democracy and Security: