Articles of the Week – 8/4-8/10

Tuesday August 7:

Al-Qaeda and ISIS are on Their Heels in Yemen, But Will Return Unless We Help Build a Lasting Peace – Gregory D. Johnsen, Just Security:

Wednesday August 8:

The June 2018 Cologne Ricin Plot: A New Threshold in Jihadi Bio Terror – Florian Flade, CTC Sentinel:

The Renewed Jihadi Terror Threat to Mauritania – Geoff D. Porter, CTC Sentinel:

The Islamic State in Africa: Estimating Fighter Numbers in Cells Across the Continent – Jason Warner and Charlotte Hulme, CTC Sentinel:

Radical Islamist English-Language Online Magazines: Research Guide, Strategic Insights, and Policy Response – Robert J. Bunker and Pamela Ligouri Bunker, Strategic Studies Institute: