Articles of the Week – 7/28-8/3

Sunday July 29:

Mali: “The old man of the mountain” – Héni Nsaibia, MENASTREAM:

Monday July 30:

Assessing the Threat of Terrorism in and from Central Asia – Edward Lemon:

Tuesday July 31:

A Brief Update On Ethnic Georgian Foreign Fighters In The Islamic State – Bennett Clifford, Jihadology:

Restricting Opposition in Elections and Terrorist Violence – Alex Braithwaite and Jessica Maves Braithwaite, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Thursday August 2:

Pathways to Violent Extremism: Evidence from Tajik Recruits to Islamic State – Edward Lemon, Harriman Magazine:

International Military Interventions and Transnational Terrorist Backlash – James A Piazza and Seung-Whan Choi, International Studies Quarterly:

Terror in the Classroom: Teaching Terrorism Without Terrorizing – Burcu Pinar Alakoc, Journal of Political Science Education: