Articles of the Week – 7/21-7/27

Monday July 23:
From Daesh to ‘Diaspora’: Tracing the Women and Minors of Islamic State – Joana Cook and Gina Vale, ICSR:
The Multifinality of Vulnerability Indicators in Lone-Actor Terrorism – Emily Corner, Noémie Bouhana, and Paul Gill, Psychology, Crime & Law:
The “Somalinisation” of terrorism and counterterrorism in Kenya: the case of refoulement – Oscar Gakuo Mwangi, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
Pursuing the allure of combat: an ethnography of violence amongst Iraqi Shi’I combatants fighting ISIS – Younes Saramifar, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
Trends in Terrorists’ Weapons Adoption and the Study Thereof – Nicole A Tishler, International Studies Review:
Tuesday July 24:
Down, but Not Out: An Updated Examination of the Islamic State’s Visual Propaganda – Daniel Milton, Combating Terrorism Center:
Finding Extremists in Online Social Networks – Jytte Klausen, Christopher E. Marks, and Tauhid Zaman, Operations Research:
Wednesday July 25:
Contemporary Jihadi Militancy in Yemen: How is the Threat Evolving? – Elisabeth Kendall, Middle East Institute:
Women in Al-Shabaab through a New War’s Lens – Phoebe Donnelly, Women in International Security:
Friday July 27:
Foreign Fighter Returnees: An Indefinite Threat? – David Malet and Rachel Hayes, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Islamic State Propaganda: Between Social Movement Framing and Subcultural Provocation – Jan Christoffer Andersen and Sveinung Sandberg, Terrorism and Political Violence: