Articles of the Week – 7/14-7/20

Monday July 16: 
The al-Shabab Finance System – Hiraal Institute:
A New Era of Insurgent Recruitment: Have ‘New’ Civil Wars changed the Dynamic? – William Reno and Jahara Matisek, Civil Wars:
What Happens When Your Town Becomes an ISIS Recruiting Ground? Lessons from Central Asia about Vulnerability, Resistance, and the Danger of Ignoring Perceived Injustice – Noah Tucker, Central Asia Program:
Too dangerous for fieldwork? The challenge of institutional risk-management in primary research on conflict, violence and ‘Terrorism’ – Jeffrey Alan Sluka, Contemporary Social Science:
Tuesday July 17:
The banality of counterterrorism “after, after 9/11”? Perspectives on the Prevent duty from the UK health care sector – Charlotte Heath-Kelly and Erzsébet Strausz, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
From Jabhat al-Nusra to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham: Evolution, Approach and Future – Aymen Jawad al-Tamimi, KAS:
Wednesday July 18:
Lone Actor Terrorists: A Residence-to-Crime Approach – Zoe Marchment, Noémie Bouhana, and Paul Gill, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Thursday July 19:
Press coverage of lone-actor terrorism in the UK and Denmark: shaping the reactions of the public, affected communities and copycat attackers – David Parker, Julia M. Pearce, Lasse Lindekilde, and M. Brooke Rogers, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
Politics and Threat Perception: Explaining Pakistani Military Strategy on the North West Frontier – Paul Staniland, Asfandyar Mir & Sameer Lalwani, Security Studies:
Rearing Cubs of the Caliphate: An Examination of Child Soldier Recruitment by Da’esh – James Morris & Tristan Dunning, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Exploring the Radicalization Process in Young Women – Clara Isabel Morgades-Bamba, Patrick Raynal & Henri Chabrol, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Friday July 20:
Burying the Lede: The Islamic State Downsizes? – Brian Dodwell, Daniel Milton, and Muhammad al-‘Ubaydi, Combating Terrorism Center: