Articles of the Week – 7/7-7/13

Monday July 9:

Explaining the 2016 Islamist Mobilisation in Indonesia: Religious Intolerance, Militant Groups and the Politics of Accommodation – Marcus Mietzner & Burhanuddin Muhtadi, Asian Studies Review:

A low-level insurgency in Tunisia’s western mountains is taking an increasing toll on civilians, particularly shepherds, in the first half of 2018 – Heni Nsaibia, ACLED:

The Abbott government and the Islamic State: a securitised and elitist foreign policy discourse – Peter E. Mulherin and Benjamin Isakhan, Australian Journal of Political Science:

Transnational Ethnic Diasporas and the Survival of Terrorist Organizations – James A. Piazza, Security Studies:

Tuesday July 10:

Review of ‘ISIS: A history’ – Aaron Y. Zelin, Politics, Religion & Ideology:

Wednesday July 11:

The Islamic State and Drones: Supply, Scale, and Future Threats – Don Rassler, Combating Terrorism Center:

The Rise and Fall of Majd – Part I: Childhood in Jordan – Johannes Saal, The German Jihad:

Women and Support for Terrorism in Pakistan – C. Christine Fair and Ali Hamza, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Thursday July 12:

The Rise and Fall of Majd Part II: Adolescence in Switzerland – Johannes Saal, The German Jihad: