Articles of the Week – 6/30-7/6

Sunday July 1:
Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed on Relations With Other Factions: Translation and Analysis – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:
Monday July 2:
Othering the West in the online Jihadist propaganda magazines Inspire and Dabiq – Nuria Lorenzo-Dus and Stuart Macdonald, Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict:
Tuesday July 3:
The New American Way of War: Special Operations Forces in the War on Terrorism – Daniel Byman and Ian A. Merritt, The Washington Quarterly:
Subduing al-Shabaab: The Somalia Model of Counterterrorism and Its Limits – Paul D. Williams, The Washington Quarterly:
Does Violent Secessionism Work? – Ryan D. Griffiths and Louis M. Wasser, Journal of Conflict Resolution:
Wednesday July 4:
The Holy Month of Jihad? Measuring Terrorist Activity During Ramadan in the Post-9/11 Era – Reinier Bergema and Lucie Kattenbroek, Small Wars Journal:
Trajectories of Radicalized Females in Montreal – Ratna Ghosh, Hicham Tiflati, Alice Chan, and Dilmurat Mahmut, TSAS:
TTP’s Online Women’s Magazine Has a Different Message for Their Female Jihadi Audience Than Rumiyah – Mehwish Rani, Vox-Pol:
Ethnic political exclusion and terrorism: Analyzing the local conditions for violence – Holley E Hansen, Stephen C Nemeth, and Jacob A Mauslein, Conflict Management and Peace Science:
Thursday July 5:
Cubs in the Lions’ Den: Indoctrination and Recruitment of Children Within Islamic State Territory – Gina Vale, ICSR:
Politics and Islamic revivalism in Bangladesh: the role of the state and non-state/non-political actors – Md Nazrul Islam and Md Saidul Islam, Politics, Religion & Ideology:
Friday July 6:
Dābiq et la frontière du Dār al-Islām: Histoire et représentations (Ier-Ve siècles H./Viie-Xie siècles) – Eva Collet, Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée:
How Turkey and the election of Erdogan are fragmenting the Jihadi movement – Tore Hamming, Jihadica:
Bangladeshi Militants: What Do We Know? – Ali Riaz and Saimum Parvez, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Not just Brainwashed: Understanding the Radicalization of Indonesian Female Supporters of the Islamic State – Nava Nuraniyah, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Why They Join: Pathways into Indonesian Jihadist Organizations Julie Chernov Hwang and Kirsten E. Schulze, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Radicalisation in the Philippines: The Cotabato Cell of the “East Asia Wilayah” – Sidney Jones, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Factional Dynamics within Boko Haram – Omar S Mahmood and Ndubuisi Christian Ani, Institute for Security Studies: