Articles of the Week – 5/19-5/25

Saturday May 19:

The Migrant Train to “The 15:17 To Paris” – Hindsight is 20/20:

Monday May 21:

“By Day We Fear the Army, By Night the Jihadists”: Abuses by Armed Islamists and Security Forces in Burkina Faso – Human Rights Watch:

Terrorist Ideologies and Target Selection – Ranya Ahmed, Journal of Applied Security Research:

Tuesday May 22:

The Manipulation of Social, Cultural and Religious Values in Socially Mediated Terrorism – Claire Smith, Rosslyn von der Borch, Benjamin Isakhan, Sukendar Sukendar, Priyambudi Sulistiyanto, Ian Ravenscrroft, Ida Widianingsih, and Cherrie de Leiuen, Religions:

The Threat of Returning Foreign Fighters: Finnish State Responses to the Volunteers in the Spanish and Syria-Iraq Civil Wars – Teemu Tammikko, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Wednesday May 23:

Salafi pluralism in national contexts: the secular state, nation and militant Islamism in Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia – Shpend Kursani, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies:

The Islamic State: Violence and Ideology in a Post-colonial Revolutionary Regime – Brian Mello, International Political Sociology:

Thursday May 24:

Fiqh al-Daʿwa: The Emerging Standardization of Islamic Proselytism
 – Jamal Malik, Die Welt des Islams:

“I Left To Be Closer To Allah”: Learning about Foreign Fighters from Family and Friends – Amarnath Amarasingam and Lorne L. Dawson, Institute for Strategic Dialogue:

Jihadi Brides? Examining a Female Guesthouse Registry from the Islamic State’s Caliphate – Daniel Milton and Brian Dodwell, CTC Sentinel:

“Trucks, Knives, Bombs, Whatever:” Exploring Pro-Islamic State Instructional Material on Telegram – Bennet Clifford, CTC Sentinel:

“Deutsche Schabab:” The Story of German Foreign Fighters in Somalia, 2010-2016 – Christian Jokinen, CTC Sentinel:

Assessing the Future Threat: ISIS’s Virtual Caliphate – Mia Bloom and Chelsea Daymon, Orbis:

Mapping Today’s Jihadi Landscape and Threat – Colin P. Clarke and Assaf Moghadam, Orbis:

The nascent empirical literature on psychopathology and terrorism – Emily Corner and Paul Gill, World Psychiatry: