Articles of the Week – 4/28-5/4

Monday April 30:
The Islamic State Targets Tunisia Ahead of Elections – Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near Policy:
Tackling Terrorism’s Taboo: Shame – Matthew Kriner, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Spaces, Ties, and Agency: The Formation of Radical Networks – Stefan Malthaner, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Headhunting Among Extremist Organizations: An Empirical Assessment of Talent Spotting – Steven Windisch, Michael K. Logan, Gina Scott Ligon, Perspectives on Terrorism:
A Response to Jacob Zenn on Boko Haram and al-Qa’ida – Adam Higazi, Brandon Kendhammer, Kyari Mohammed, Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos, Alex Thurston, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Tuesday May 1:
The Pre-2011 Roots of Syria’s Islamist Militants – Line Khatib, The Middle East Journal:
The Ethics of Security Research: An Ethics Framework for Contemporary Security Studies – Stephane J Baele, David Lewis, Anke Hoeffler, Olivier C Sterck, and Thibaut Slingeneyer, International Studies Perspectives:
Negative spaces: Terrorist attempts to erase cultural history and the critical media coverage – Adam Klein, Media, War & Conflict:
Wednesday May 2:
Did bin Laden’s death help the Islamic State? – Tricia Bacon and Elizabeth Grimm Arsenault, Monkey Cage:
What do we know about suicide bombing?: Review and analysis – Veronica Ward, Politics and the Life Sciences:
Thursday May 3:
Going underground: Resort to terrorism in mass mobilization dissident campaigns – Margherita Belgioioso, Journal of Peace Research:
Construction Jihad: state-building and development in Iran and Lebanon’s Shiʿi Territories – Eric Lob, Third World Quarterly:
Emotions, Terrorist Threat, and Drones: Anger Drives Support for Drone Strikes – Kerstin Fisk, Jennifer L. Merolla, Jennifer M. Ramos, Journal of Conflict Resolution: