Articles of the Week – 4/14-4/20

Tuesday April 17:
Extreme Vetting of Immigrants: Estimating Terrorism Vetting Failures – David Bier, Cato Institute:
Girl soldiering in rebel groups, 1989–2013: Introducing a new dataset – Roos Haer and Tobias Böhmelt, Journal of Peace Research:
Trade and terrorism: A disaggregated approach – Subhayu Bandyopadhyay, Todd Sandler, and Javed Younas, Journal of Peace Research:
Wednesday April 18:
Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Policies Since September 11, 2001: Harmonising National Security, Independent Oversight and Individual Liberties – Ashutosh Misra, Strategic Analysis:
We have not yet seen the full impact of ISIS sleeper cells coming back to life – Hassan Hassan, The National:
End of moderation: the radicalization of AKP in Turkey – Galib Bashirov and Caroline Lancaster, Democratization:
Reverse-Engineering the ISIS Playbook, Part II: CT-CVE Messaging Lessons from ISIS’s English-language Magazines – Haroro J. Ingram and Alastair Reed, Vox-Pol:
Defeating the ISIS Nostalgia Narrative – Colin P. Clarke and Haroro J. Ingram, Foreign Policy Research Institute:
Jamā’at Nuṣrat al-Islām wa-l-Muslimīn: análisis del proyecto de al-Qaeda para el Sahel a través de su propaganda – Sergio Altuna Galán, Real Instituto Elcano:
Triggering Terror Illicit Gun Markets and Firearms Acquisition of Terrorist Networks in Europe – SAFTE:
Firearms acquisition by terrorists in Europe – Nils Duquet and Kevin Goris, SAFTE:
Thursday April 19:
Lone terrorists: A study of run-over attacks in Israel – Simon Perry, Badi Hasisi, Gali Perry, European Journal of Criminology: