Articles of the Week – 3/24-3/30

Sunday March 25:
Resistance in the Caliphate’s Classrooms: Mosul Civilians vs IS – Mathilde Becker Aarseth, Middle East Policy:
Monday March 26:
Hyperlinked Sympathizers: URLs and the Islamic State – Samantha Weirman and Audrey Alexander, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
The Changing Islamic State Intelligence Apparatus – Carl Anthony Wege, International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence:
NGO intervention in jihadist conflicts: a closer look at Afghanistan and Somalia – Omi Hodwitz, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:
“Among the Believers Are Men”: How the Islamic State Uses Early-Islamic Traditions to Shape Its Martyr Biographies – Pieter Nanninga, Nvmen:
How Cosmic War Ends: The Case of ISIS – Mark Juergensmeyer, Nvmen:
Religious Resources and Terrorism – Heather S. Gregg, Nvmen:
Challenging the Curious Erasure of Religion from the Study of Religious Terrorism – Lorne L. Dawson, Nvmen:
The Sociopolitical Undercurrent of Lebanon’s Salafi Militancy – Raphaël Lefèvre, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:
Mainstreamed online extremism demands a radical new response – Louis Reynolds, Nature Human Behaviour:
Tuesday March 27:
Terrorist Decision Making in the Context of Risk, Attack Planning, and Attack Commission – Paul Gill, Zoe Marchment, Emily Corner, and Noémie Bouhana, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
The Turkish Republic’s Jihad? Religious symbols, terminology and ceremonies in Turkey during the Korean War 1950–1953 – Nadav Solomonovich, Middle Eastern Studies:
The politics of preventing violent extremism: the case of Uganda – Peter Romaniuk and Tracey Durner, Conflict, Security & Development:
Wednesday March 28:
Jihadi reactions to Saudi reforms – Cole Bunzel, Arabia Foundation:
Marwan Zain al-Abidin: Key Figure in Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed? – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi:
Thursday March 29:
The Terrorist Calculus in Kidnapping Girls in Nigeria: Cases from Chibok and Dapchi – Jacob Zenn, CTC Sentinel:
Black Banners in Somalia: The State of al-Shabaab’s Territorial Insurgency and the Specter of the Islamic State – Christopher Anzalone, CTC Sentinel:
Ansaroul Islam and the Growing Terrorist Insurgency in Burkina Faso – Héni Nsaibia and Caleb Weiss, CTC Sentinel:
Islamic State Chemical Weapons: A Case Contained by its Context? – Markus K. Binder, Jillian M. Quigley, and Herbert F. Tinsley, CTC Sentinel:
Fatal attraction: explaining variation in the attractiveness of Islamic State propaganda – Daniel Milton, Conflict Management and Peace Science:
Friday March 30:
Why beliefs always matter, but rarely help us predict jihadist violence: The role of cognitive extremism as a precursor for violent extremism – Jakob Guhl, Journal for Deradicalization: