Articles of the Week – 3/10-3/16

Monday March 12:
Islamic State’s English‐language magazines, 2014‐2017: Trends & implications for CT‐CVE strategic communications – Haroro J. Ingram, The International Centre for Counter‐Terrorism – The Hague:
Does the Awareness of Mortality Shape People’s Openness to Violence and Conflict? An Examination of Terror Management Theory – Matteo Vergani, Kerry S. O’Brien, Peter Lentini, and Greg Barton, Political Psychology:
Extreme Criminals: Reconstructing Ideas of Criminality through Extremist Narratives – Dr Suraj Lakhani, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Tuesday March 13:
Counterterrorism in Africa: an analysis of the civilian joint task force and military partnership in Nigeria – J. T. Omenma and C. M. Hendricks, Security Journal:
Wednesday March 14:
After the Fall of the Caliphate: The Islamic State and the Deviant Diaspora – Colin P. Clarke, SAIS Review of International Affairs:
“Virtual Planners” in the Arsenal of Islamic State External Operations – R. Kim Cragin and Ari Weil, Orbis:
The Effect of Terrorism on Stock Markets: Evidence from the 21st Century – Stelios Markoulis and Savvas Katsikides, Terrorism and Political Violence:
The piracy terrorism paradigm: an interlinking relationship – Joshua Regan, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:
Cultivating Trust and Perceptions of Source Credibility in Online Counternarratives Intended to Reduce Support for Terrorism – Kurt Braddock and John F. Morrison, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Charities and terrorism: Lessons from the Syrian crisis – Rodger Shanahan, Lowy Institute:
Thursday March 15:
How well established is the Jihadist movement on Telegram? – Ali Fisher, Online Jihad: