Articles of the Week – 3/3-3/9

Sunday March 4:
Precarious Consolidation: Qari Hekmat’s IS-affiliated ‘island’ survives another Taleban onslaught – Obaid Ali, Afghanistan Analysts Network:
Monday March 5:
Abū Muṣ’ab al-Barnāwī’s Interview with the Islamic State’s Al-Naba’ Magazine – Alexander Thurston, Journal for Islamic Studies:
Strategic Progress Remains Elusive in America’s Expanded Air Campaign Against Al-Shabaab – Tricia Bacon, War on the Rocks:
Wednesday March 7:
The Only Islamic State-Funded Plot in the U.S.: The Curious Case of Mohamed Elshinawy – Seamus Hughes, Lawfare:
The Malaysian “Islamic” State versus the Islamic State (IS): evolving definitions of “terror” in an “Islamising” nation-state – Nicholas Chan, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
Making women terrorists into “Jihadi brides”: an analysis of media narratives on women joining ISIS – Alice Martini, Critical Studies on Terrorism:
Wolves in sheep clothing or victims of times? Discussing the immoderation of incumbent Islamic parties in Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia – Esen Kirdiş, Democratization:
The Small But Influential Group of Portuguese Jihadists, Hugo Franco, European Eye on Radicalization:
Repression and refuge: Why only some politically excluded ethnic groups rebel – Stefan Lindemann and Andreas Wimmer, Journal of Peace Research:
Thursday March 8:
G5 Sahel: Much done, more to do – Andrew Lebovich, European Council for Foreign Relations: