Articles of the Week – 2/10-2/16

Saturday February 10:
When the Islamic State Came to Libya – Frederic Wehrey, The Atlantic:
Monday February 12:
Extremists in Bandung: Darul Islam to ISIS – and Back Again? – Sidney Jones, IPAC:
Cradled By Conflict: Child Involvement With Armed Groups in Contemporary Conflict – Siobhan O’Neil and Kato Van Broeckhoven, United Nations:
Tuesday February 13: 
Targeted Terror: The Suicide Bombers of al-Shabaab – Jason Warner and Ellen Chapin, Combating Terrorism Center:
Wednesday February 14:
Rational Overreaction to Terrorism – William Spaniel, Journal of Conflict Resolution:
Thursday February 15:
Coming Home: Explaining the Variance in Jihadi Foreign Fighter Returnees Across Western Europe – Reinier Bergema and Peter Wijninga, Jihadology:
How al-Qa`ida Lost Control of its Syrian Affiliate: The Inside Story – Charles Lister, CTC Sentinel: 
Letters from Home: Hezbollah Mothers and the Culture of Martyrdom – Kendall Bianchi, CTC Sentinel:
Consequences of religious and secular boundaries among the majority population for perceived discrimination among Muslim minorities in Western Europe – Sabine Trittler, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies:
Friday February 16:
State and non-state interactions in International Relations: an alternative theoretical outlook – Marianna Charountaki, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:
Terrorist Group Rivalries and Alliances: Testing Competing Explanations – Brian J. Phillips, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Cleansing the Caliphate: Insurgent Violence against Sexual Minorities – Joshua Tschantret, International Studies Quarterly: