Articles of the Week – 1/20-1/26

Sunday January 21:

Marginalizing Violent Extremism Online – Audrey Alexander and William Braniff, Lawfare:

Tuesday January 23:

Representations of Mahmud of Ghazni in the Islamic State’s texts – Neil Aggarwal, Contemporary South Asia:

Talking about Islam’s origins – Fred M. Donner, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies:

Wednesday January 24:

“Spaniards, You Are Going to Suffer:” The Inside Story of the August 2017 Attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils – Fernando Reinares and Carola García-Calvo, CTC Sentinel:

The Evolution of Shi`a Insurgency in Bahrain – Michael Knights and Matthew Levitt, CTC Sentinel:

The Potential Jihadi Windfall from the Militarization of Tunisia’s Border Region with Libya – Anouar Boukhars, CTC Sentinel:

(Re)Constituting Community: Takfir and Institutional Design in Tunisia and Yemen – Ian M. Hartshorn and Stacey Philbrick Yadav, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Muslim Youth Unemployment and Expat Jihadism – Bored to Death? – Moamen Gouda and Marcus Marktanner, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

Thursday January 25:

Pre-Radicalization Criminal Activity of United States Extremists – START:

Friday January 26:

Sunni Islamist dynamics in context of war: What happened to al-Islah and the Salafis? – Laurent Bonnefoy, Project on Middle East Political Science:

Impact of the Yemen war on militant jihad – Elisabeth Kendall, Project on Middle East Political Science: