Articles of the Week – 12/9-12/15

Tuesday December 12, 2017:
The Fate of the Perpetrator in the Jihadist Modus Operandi: Suicide Attacks and Non-Suicide Attacks in the West, 2004-2017 – Teun van Dongen, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague:
Wednesday December 13, 2017:
Unusual Lessons from an Unusual War: Boko Haram and Modern Insurgency – Nathaniel D. F. Allen, The Washington Quarterly:
Thursday December 14, 2017:
Transitional Journeys Into and Out of Extremism. A Biographical Approach – Stijn Sieckelinck, Elga Sikkens, Marion van San, Sita Kotnis, and Micha De Winter, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Friday December 15, 2017:
From Criminals To Terrorists and Back? – Globsec:
Resisting Hayat Tahrir al-Sham: Syrian Civil Society on the Frontlines – Haid Haid, Adopt A Revolution: