Articles of the Week – 11/25-12/1

Monday November 27:
The Curse of Cain: Why Fratricidal Jihadis Fail to Learn from Their Mistakes – Mohammed Hafez, CTC Sentinel:
The Implications of Iran’s Expanding Shi`a Foreign Fighter Network – Colin Clarke and Phillip Smyth, CTC Sentinel:
Europe’s True Southern Frontier: The General, the Jihadis, and the High-Stakes Contest for Libya’s Fezzan Region – Andrew McGregor, CTC Sentinel:
A Legitimate Challenger? Assessing the Rivalry between al-Shabaab and the Islamic State in Somalia – Jason Warner and Caleb Weiss, CTC Sentinel:
Tuesday November 28:
Post-Marawi Lessons From Detained Extremists in the Philippines – Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict:
Wednesday November 29:

Metastases: Exploring the impact of foreign fighters in conflicts abroad – R. Kim Cragin and Susan Stipanovich, Journal of Strategic Studies:

Crime Pays: Terrorist Group Engagement in Crime and Survival – James A. Piazza and Scott Piazza, Terrorism and Political Violence:

Fratricidal Rebels: Ideological Extremity and Warring Factionalism in Civil Wars – Mohammed M. Hafez, Terrorism and Political Violence:

The Wider Jihadi Movement Will Take Over Where the Islamic State Left Off – Tore Hamming, World Politics Review:

Thursday November 30:

Spousal Coping Strategies in the Shadow of Terrorism – Mally Shechory-Bitton and Keren Cohen-Louck, Journal of Interpersonal Violence: