Articles of the Week – 11/18-11/24

Sunday November 19:
What Is the Qur’an? – William McCants, Idea:
Monday November 20:
Abu al-Qassam: Zarqawi’s right-hand man who stayed loyal to al-Qaida – Tore Hamming, Jihadica:
The Origins of America’s Jihadists – Brian Michael Jenkins, RAND:
Spectacles of Sovereignty in Digital Time: ISIS Executions, Visual Rhetoric and Sovereign Power – Roxanne L. Euben, Perspectives on Politics:
‘Russian-Speaking’ Fighters In Syria, Iraq And At Home: Consequences And Context – Cerwyn Moore and Mark Youngman, CREST:
Tuesday November 21:
“Who Is a Muslim?”: Mubi Mosque Attack, Masjid ad-Ḍirār, and the Historical Attempt at Defining a Muslim in the 19th, 20th and 21st Century Hausaland and Bornu – Abdulbasit Kassim, Jihadology:
Jihadist waves: Syria, the Islamic State, and the changing nature of foreign fighters – Güneş Murat Tezcür and Clayton Besaw, Conflict Management and Peace Science:
Wednesday November 22:
Georgian foreign fighter deaths in Syria and Iraq: what can they tell us about foreign fighter mobilization and recruitment? – Bennet Clifford, Caucasus Survey:
Party dualities: Where does political Islam go now? – George Joffé, Mediterranean Politics:
Radicalization patterns and modes of attack planning and preparation among lone-actor terrorists: an exploratory analysis – Lasse Lindekilde, Francis O’Connor, and Bart Schuurman, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:
Thursday November 23:
Islamic State media output goes into sharp decline – Mina al-Lami, BBC: