Articles of the Week – 11/11-11/17

Saturday November 11, 2017:

Qari Hekmat’s Island: A Daesh enclave in Jawzjan? – Obaid Ali, Afghanistan Analysts Network:

Monday November 13, 2017:

Waves of the Black Banner: An Exploratory Study on the Dutch Jihadist Foreign Fighter Contingent in Syria and Iraq – Reinier Bergema and Marion van San, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:

The Jihadist Threat in Italy: A Primer – Lorenzo Vidino and Francesco Marone, ISPI:

Tuesday November 14, 2017:

Actividad yihadista en España, 2013-2017: de la Operación Cesto en Ceuta a los atentados en Cataluña – Fernando Reinares and Carola García-Calvo, Real Instituto Elcano:

Wednesday November 15, 2017:

The Islamic State is more like a street gang than like other terrorist groups – Matthew Phillips and Matthew Valasik, Monkey Cage:

Thursday November 16, 2017: 

Modern Extremist Groups and the Division of the World: A Critique from an Islamic Perspective – Mohamed Badar a and Masaki Nagata b, Arab Law Quarterly:

Friday November 17, 2017:

‘What does terrorism look like?’: university lecturers’ interpretations of their Prevent duties and tackling extremism in UK universities – Keith Spiller, Imran Awan, and Andrew Whiting, Critical Studies on Terrorism:

Islamic State Da’wa in Anbar: Sample Report of the Ramadi Belt – Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi: