Articles of the Week – 10/14-10/20

Sunday October 15:
The March 2016 Brussels Attacks – 10 Reasons by the “Islamic State” & the context of the Sunni extremist universe – Nico Prucha, Online Jihad:
Monday October 16:
Hymnal Propaganda: A Closer Look at ‘Clanging of the Swords’ – Alexander Schinis, Jihadology:
Tuesday October 17: 
Jihadi Commuters: How the Taleban cross the Durand Line – Borhan Osman and Fazal Muzhary, Afghanistan Analysts Network:
How ISIS Manipulates “Divine Commandments” to Influence Women’s Role in Jihad – Fernanda Buril, Journal of Terrorism Research:
Explaining extremism: Western women in Daesh – Meredith Loken and Anna Zelenz, European Journal of International Security:
Sudan and the Unbearable Lightness of Islamism: From Revolution to Rentier Authoritarianism – Giorgio Musso, The International Spectator: 
Wednesday October 18:
Crime as Jihad: Developments in the Crime-Terror Nexus in Europe – Rajan Basra and Peter R. Neumann, CTC Sentinel:
New Developments in IS’s External Operations: The 2017 Sydney Plane Plot – Andrew Zammit, CTC Sentinel:
America Should Beware a Chadian Military Scorned – Alexander Thurston, Foreign Policy:
How (wo)men rebel: Exploring the effect of gender equality on nonviolent and armed conflict onset – Susanne Schaftenaar, Journal of Peace Research: 
Friday October 20:
The Bloody End of the Islamic State’s Utopian Dream – Graeme Wood, The Atlantic: