Articles of the Week – 9/30-10/6

Monday October 2:
Deir Azzour: Tribal Mapping Project – Nicholas A. Heras, Bassam Barabandi, and Nidal Betare, Center for a New American Security:
Let’s Play a Video Game: Jihadi Propaganda in the World of Electronic Entertainment – Miron Lakomy, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Boko Haram vs. al Shabaab- What do we know about their patterns of violence? – By Clionadh Raleigh, Roudabeh Kishi, Olivia Russell, Joseph Siegle, and Wendy Williams, Monkey Cage:
Why Did the Islamic State Claim the Las Vegas Shooting? – Graeme Wood, The Atlantic:
Tuesday October 3:
Political Primacy, Strategic Risks, and ISIL after the Caliphate – Craig Whiteside, Iraq in Context:
Caliphate in Disarray: Theological Turmoil in the Islamic State – Cole Bunzel, Jihadica:
Wednesday October 4:
When Do We Get to Call Someone a Terrorist? – Graeme Wood, The Atlantic:
Thursday October 5:
Whither ISIS? Insights from Insurgent Responses to Decline – Paul Staniland, The Washington Quarterly:
Islam, Moderation, Radicalism, and Justly Balanced Communities – Nuraan Davids, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:
Latino Muslims and Radical Extremism: Why There Is No Daesh (ISIS) Threat in Latin America? – Mehmet Ozkan, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs: 
Why Do We Want to Watch Gory Jihadist Propaganda Videos – Simon Cottee, The New York Times:
Making Jihad Pay – Aisha Ahmad, Foreign Affairs:
Friday October 6:
Libya’s Terrorism Challenge: Assessing the Salafi-Jihadi Threat – Lydia Sizer, Middle East Institute: