Articles of the Week – 9/23-9/29

Monday September 25:
Learning From Ideological Variance And Change – Mark Youngman, Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats: 
Cash is King: Financial Sponsorship & Changing Priorities in the Syrian Civil War – Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Tuesday September 26:
Mahdi al-Harati: a Libyan Force Multiplier – Tam Hussein:
Political Fragmentation and Alliances among Armed Non-state Actors in North and Western Africa (1997–2014) – Olivier Walther, Christian Leuprecht, and David B. Skillicorn, Terrorism and Political Violence: 
Approving of but Not Choosing Violence: Paths of Nonviolent Radicals – Maiah Jaskoski, Michael Wilson, and Berny Lazareno,Terrorism and Political Violence:
What Types of Media do Terrorists Collect? An Analysis of Religious, Political, and Ideological Publications Found in Terrorism Investigations in the UK – Donald Holbrook, The International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague:
Visuality and the ‘Jihadi-bride’ the re-fashioning of desire in the digital age – Yasmin Ibrahim, Social Identities:
Wednesday September 27:
In Search of the Virtual Caliphate: Convenient Fallacy, Dangerous Distraction – Haroro J. Ingram and Craig Whiteside, War on the Rocks:
Agricultural market activity and Boko Haram attacks in northeastern Nigeria – Jamon Van Den Hoek, West African Papers:
Thursday September 28:
Media Fitna in the Islamic State – Aymenn al-Tamimi, Jihadology:
Trump’s travel ban on Chad makes absolutely no sense – Nasser Weddady, Washington Post:
For Caliph and Country Exploring how British jihadis join a global movement – Rachel Bryson, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change:
A Guide to Interviewing Terrorists and Violent Extremists – James Khalil, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism:
Friday September 29: 
Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that Lead to Terrorism: Ideas, Recommendations, and Good Practices from the OSCE Region – Peter R Neumann:
Divisions Within the Global Jihad: A Primer – Daniel Byman, Lawfare:
Countering ISIS Call for Hijra (Emigration): A Review through the Lens of Maqāṣid Ash-Sharīʿah – Muhammad Saiful Alam Shah Bin Sudiman, Journal for Deradicalization:
Dutch Suspects of Terrorist Activity: A Study of Their Biographical Backgrounds Based on Primary Sources – Maarten van Leyenhorst and Ada Andreas, Journal for Deradicalization: 
Competing for Constituents: Trends in Terrorist Service Provision – William A Wagstaff and Danielle F Jung, Terrorism and Political Violence: