Articles of the Week – 9/16-9/22

Sunday September 17:
Part 5: Influence and information campaigns: from Twitter to Telegram – Nico Prucha, Online Jihad:
Monday September 18:
Community Reporting Thresholds – Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats:
Non-Pashtun Taleban of the North (4): A case study from Jawzjan – Obaid Ali, Afghanistan Analysts Network:
ISIS’s Expanding Campaign in Europe – Jennifer Cafarella, Institute for the Study of War:
Tuesday September 19:
Terrorism: The Lessons of Barcelona – Nafees Hamid, New York Review of Books:
Why ISIS Is So Good at Branding Its Failures as Successes – Charlie Winter and Haroro Inghram, The Atlantic: 
Wednesday September 20:
New document sheds light on the changing nature of ISIL’s combat tactics – Hassan Hassan, The National:
Thursday September 21:
Who Are the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army? – Zachary Abuza, Radio Free Asia:
Al-Qa`ida in Pakistan: A Metric Problem? – Don Rassler, CTC Sentinel:
The Islamic State Long Game: A Tripartite Analysis of Youth Radicalization and Indoctrination – Colleen McCue, Joseph T. Massengill, Dorothy Milbrandt, John Gaughan, and Meghan Cumpston, CTC Sentinel:
The Islamic State and the Kurds: The Documentary Evidence – Aymenn Al-Tamimi, CTC Sentinel:
Friday September 22:
How 9/11 created a feedback loop for international jihadism – Lisa Blaydes and Martha Crenshaw, Monkey Cage:
ISIS’ Female Suicide Bombers Are No Myth – Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, Foreign Affairs:
Beyond Maiduguri: Understanding Boko Haram’s rule in rural communities of northeastern Nigeria – Olabanji Akinola, Project on Middle East Political Science:
Local Religious Leaders and the Rise of Political Islam – Steven Brooke and Neil Ketchley, Project on Middle East Political Science: 
A Local Islamist Advantage? Toward a Theory of National and Local Service Provision in Algeria – Lindsay J. Benstead, Project on Middle East Political Science:
Municipal Service Delivery, Identity Politics and Islamist Parties in Turkey – Melissa Marschall, Marwa Shalaby, and Saadet Konak Unal, Project on Middle East Political Science:
The Non-Economic Logic of Rebel Taxation: Evidence from an Islamic State-Controlled District – Mara Revkin, Project on Middle East Political Science:
Why do some localities in Turkey remain resistant to Islamist political mobilization? – Evren Celik Wiltse, Project on Middle East Political Science: 
Municipal Management & Service Delivery as Resilience Strategies: Hezbollah’s Local Development Politics in South Lebanon – Diana Zeidan, Project on Middle East Political Science: 
Islamist and Non-Islamist Local Activism: Comparative Reflections from Egypt’s Popular Committees – Asya El-Meehy, Project on Middle East Political Science: 
The ‘New Netwar:’ how to locate online viewers of jihadist content – Lorand Bodo, Ridgeway Information: