Articles of the Week – 9/9-9/15

Sunday September 10:

Identities “Betwixt and between’: analysing Belgian representation in ‘homegrown’ extremism – Paige V. Pascarelli, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression:

Sixteen Years After 9/11, How Does Terrorism End? – Robin Wright, The New Yorker:

Monday September 11:

An exploration of perceptions of real-life suspects’ from the Asian Muslim community relating to the police interviewing practices in England – Rashid Minhas, Dave Walsh, and Ray Bull, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism: 

Understanding what makes terrorist groups’ propaganda effective: an integrative complexity analysis of ISIL and Al Qaeda – Shannon C. Houck, Meredith A. Repke, and Lucian Gideon Conway III, Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism: 

In Vaccines we Trust? The Effects of Anti-vaccine Propaganda on Immunization: Evidence from Pakistan

Tuesday September 12: 

In Vaccines we Trust? The Effects of Anti-vaccine Propaganda on Immunization: Evidence from Pakistan – Monica Martinez-Bravo and Andreas Stegmann: 

Wednesday September 13:

When the Islamic State Comes to Town: The Economic Impact of Islamic State Governance in Iraq and Syria – Eric Robinson, Daniel Egel, Patrick B. Johnston, Sean Mann, Alexander D. Rothenberg, and David Stebbins, RAND Corporation:

The origins of sectarianism in Egypt and the Fertile Crescent – Yusri Hazran, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies:

Global Priorities in Terrorism and CounterTerrorism- Practitioner Perspectives – Sam Mullins and James Howcroft, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies:

Thursday September 14:

Revolution Unveiled: A Closer Look at Iran’s Presence and Influence in the Middle East – Phillip Smyth, Tim Michetti, and Owen Daniels, The Atlantic Council:

The Ascendance of Official Islams – Michael Robbins and Lawrence Rubin, Democracy and Security:

Miltant Rivalries Extend to Female Recruitment in Pakistan – Amira Jadoon and Sara Mahmood, CTC Perspectives:

The state of scientific knowledge regarding factors associated with terrorism – Desmarais, Sarah L. Simons-Rudolph, Joseph Brugh, Christine Shahan Schilling, Eileen Hoggan, Chad, Journal of Threat Assessment and Management:

Friday September 15:

Correcting the Course: Advancing Juvenile Justice Principles for Children Convicted of Violent Extremist Offenses – Global Center on Cooperative Security and International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague: 

The American Exception: Terrorism Prosecutions in the United States: The ISIS Cases, March 2014 – August 2017 – Karen J. Greenberg and Seth Weiner, Center on National Security at Fordham Law:

Resilient Cities. Countering Violent Extremism at Local Level – Diego Muro (Ed.), CIDOB:

A Jihadist Breakup in Syria – Aron Lund, Foreign Affairs:

Islamic Radicalization in Russia’s North Caucasus: Lessons from Russia’s Handling of Religious Revival – Elena Pokalova, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies: